iphone ForwardGames News: New iPhone game coming up!
Take him to your iPhone!
He was meant to be a different kind of toy... some cute puppy probably. But someone made a mistake while mixing the genetic code of its latest electronic puppies, and... oops, there you go - a human - or almost one.
He likes music and old movies, he says stupid things most of the times - well, everytime in fact - he's dumb but harmless, self-programmed to be one the most brainless things you've ever seen.

ForwardGames News: TapChess Tactics for Android released
"TapChess Tactics" released
ForwardGames releases "TapChess Tactics Vol.1" for Android devices.
TapChess Tactics is a sophisticated chess trainer with unique features. Vol.1 contains 110 original exercises taken from real matches.
Backtrack moves between variations, hint system and personal progress and performance tracking system.
TapChess is your definitive personal Chess trainer!

ForwardGames News: Tap5 for iPhone out now!
Crazy multitouch gameplay!
Get ready for some serious finger-stretching gameplay! Tap5&trade is the only action-puzzle game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad featuring up to 5-touchpoints gameplay.
Touch all the colored orbs (taps) as quickly as you can, but remember: one tap, one finger... at the same time!
Touching one tap after another with one finger won't work. Smashing your whole hand on the screen won't work either.
The only way to Tap5 is to keep one fingertip pressed on each tap until you get them all for good - and on time. Can you handle that ?

ForwardGames News: Winx Club: Believix in you for Nintendo DS
ForwardGames brings Winx on the Nintendo DS
ForwardGames developed the very latest Winx Club game for the Nintendo DS system: "Winx Club Believix in You".
In Winx Club: Believix in You, based on the fourth season of the TV series, the most famous fairies on TV are back in an exciting new story giving fans the chance to wield the incredible Believix powers in the ultimate fight over evil.
Players can choose their favourite fairy to play through 16 different missions and 18 mini games to save the world from evil forces. The fun mini games include shopping, working in the Love & Pet, helping Gardenia and much more.
In addition players can enter the wireless multiplayer tournament mode and challenge up to 3 friends for fairy supremacy.