About Tap5™
Tap5 is a fun, addictive action-puzzle game fully exploiting multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
Tap5 was created in 2010 at ForwardGames by:

Emanuele Salvucci - game concept & design, game art
Massimiliano Agostinelli - game programming
Nicola Tomljianovich - music and sound fx

Tap5 was kindly play-tested by:

Charles Cecil - at Revolution Software Ltd.
Tony Warriner - at Revolution Software Ltd.
Davide Pirola
Alberto D'Amico
Raffaele Talocci
About ForwardGames™
ForwardGames development studio was founded in 2006 by industry veterans.
ForwardGames is based in Rome, Italy. www.forwardgames.com
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