Product Overview

Title: TamaStupid
Platform: iPhone
Publisher: ForwardGames
Territories: World
Languages: EI
Release Date: 10/15/2011

Development Overview

IP: Proprietary
Role: Full development
Engine: Corona SDK
Outsourcing: Music

He's comin' to an iPhone near you... gosh, that might be YOURS!

The most strange, stupid, weird, boring, and useless App on the Store.

He was meant to be just like any other electronic puppy... one of those sweet and puffy, with big and sparkling eyes, those cute little creatures that millions of people virtually pet every day.

But he's not, he's born different. The result of a genetic experiment, he should have never come into production at the "Tama-MegaCorp" factories.
The Managers of the company, when the first eggs hatched and after a superficial analysis, immediately understood that a virtual human "pet" couldn't have any commercial future - even more so if he speaks meaningless - for them - garbage all the times.

But we decided to save this electronic creature from oblivion.

Very similar to a human being, he lives in your iPhone, 24 hours a day. In the morning, he's ready to face the hard day with you. He gets hungry at lunch and dinner times; feed him - or not. He watches a little TV during evening, and he sleeps in his bed at night - or he tries at least.

But anytime during the day the TamaStupid will gift you with his legendary pearls of wisdom, taken from the best movies that shaped the history of cinema!
Accurate quotes, carefully selected thoughts to accompany you in the daily struggles and that you can share on Facebook, complete with video, soundtrack, and links to iTunes and Imdb, when available.

If you don't like what the TamaStupid said... well, you have plenty of tools to punish him! But remember that even if you don't play with him, the TamaStupid continues to live and suffer.

Spread the "Tama-Thought" and unlock special offers in the TamaStore, but above all, revive and share the emotions of great movies, those that, maybe even without super special effects, thrill you to the bone !

Adopt your TamaStupid now, it's free!

Game Data

Game Genre: Gadget-game
Graphics: 2D
Multiplayer: None